Forgotten Forces Friday

Well I forgot last week.. so here is this week’s….

Well not so much a force but quite forceful… may I introduce Cynthia and Charles Wellbeloved, heir and heiress to the Wellbeloved fortune. These two have taken part in various wargames and role playing games over the years and to be honest the years seem to have taken their toll. As Indiana Jones says… “it’s not the age, it’s the miles”

Friday’s Forgotten Forces

Another Friday and another box in the shed…

This time we have Goblins and Thorin Oakenshield and party from the GW Hobbit game.

These were bought to add some cannon fodder for Dragon Rampant

There is the full compliment of heroes and pretty much all of the goblins apart from the one on the sling.

The figures are nice and pretty much accurately portray the characters. It really is a great pity that the films were so crap.Goblins certainly improved genetically in the Misty Mountains from the hobbit to the LOTR.

The dwarves have shrunk in size over the 60years too…😂

I don’t know what to do with these as they have been sat there for so many years they are no longer required. I will see if anyone wants them up here and if not they will probably end up on EBay

Friday’s Forgotten Forces

This triple F is one with a bit of a difference. Normally I have a mooch about in the shed to see what has been languishing in boxes for the last few years. This is different in that these were in the house and errrr different in that I forgot I had bought them.

So sitting on the shelf by my bedroom door was this box…

Hmm says I, whatever is in this box,? So I opened it….

That’s a bit weird says I, let’s get everything out…..

And in the bubble wrap was the following…

These arrived somewhere around 20th January and I actually took 2 out to act as models to show the size of things I was printing.

The models are the Elite light infantry of the emperor Mordred. As can be seen, they are a basic paint job, and by that comment I mean no disrespect to the painter. I was there once too when I sold mine…. but for £11.40 I am not going to complain.

I have just had a really weird thought. Wouldn’t it be funny if these were mine that I sold in a bring and buy around 20 years ago 😱.

I will have a mess about to add some shading and highlighting to see what I can do to improve them. I will also fling some base ready flock onto the bases too. The white looks quite shiny so I am hoping they aren’t painted in enamels…

The question is though, what should I do with them?

I bought them on a whim as they had a low starting bid, I had checked with friends and associates to see whether they were bidding on them too. It wouldn’t be the first time we have bid against each other 🤣. I put on a low bid on as most Flintloque stuff goes mad or doesn’t sell at all. It turns out there were only two of us bidding on them and they gave up before me.

Foolishly I have just gone and had a look… there are a pile of boxed sets up that I used to own and really liked…oh woe is me… But I shall be strong and will resist.

They are on for £17 buy now… but with 9 days to go….luckily my new laptop is with me and I have some nice statues to print off. That may divert my attention long enough!

Here are the two models, before they were reunited with their platoon…

Friday Forgotten Forces

Another Friday, another delve… this time 10mm cavemen

These are from ages ago. I started these for a Games Day in 2015. They are Magister Millitum. These were supplanted by the 10mm Eskimo from the same manufacturer.

They were bought for my mammoth hunting games, but I felt the others looked better as they had both spears and bows.

Friday’s Forgotten Forces

Well another Friday has arrived and it was another freezing cold foray into the shed to depress myself at how much untouched stuff is in there.

Today we have Skelingtons, as my kids used to call them

Command units, cavalry and spears…

Next up missile troops and zombies (and half a chariot)…

And finally the swords…

I must have started on these a year and a half ago at least. I got them as another force to play HOTT with my daughter and they kind of got forgotten about. They are now in the big shed where I do my painting so hopefully they will get finished sometime soon… 🤞

These came from Alternative armies from their 15mm HOT fantasy list.

These have a nice skeletal bagpiper as part of the command group… question is how does he play it without any lungs… to be fair I am being a little trite… I am willing to accept reanimated corpses shuffling about, but not magical bagpipes. It is simply one of those things that niggle me 🤔

Forgotten Forces Friday

Well the title should really say ‘Forgotten Fauna Friday’

First up…Some Iron Age pigs and Mouflon sheep

Next…Some highland cattle and a gaggle of Geese.

All of the above are from

One day I may even finish them!

The other thing (amongst many others) was the reason the blog is so named…

‘Over yonder lies the quaint town of Bogenwald… Bogenhelm on the other hand is frankly pants!”

An honorary mention should also go to the 10mm elves…


these were more ignored than forgotten.

Forgotten Forces Friday

Well it’s another FFF day.

This time this will tie in with the neglected models in February’s Community Challenge. This lot are a Pendraken Warband Army pack. I chose Wood Elves as I like Wood Elves.

There are about 125 infantry, 12 cavalry and a command group as well as a group of mages. I decided that I wouldn’t use them for Warband, but would base them up for HOTT or something similar this will match in with my other Forces.

They are nice miniatures, as can be seen from the mages and their pet squirrel below.

So my plan, if I leave the 3D printer alone for long enough, is to get as many of these based and painted as possible by the end of February.

I also evidently got a command group for my Barbarians so I can add those to my list too.

I only hope I have enough of the smaller base sizes!

Forgotten Forces Friday

Well tonight the temperature is minus something silly again, it was -8 degrees this morning so instead of heading out to the shed in the snow I had a mooch about in the house.


These were painted about 3 years ago and were for my Mammoth hunting game I ran at one of our conventions.

I used Tusk as the basis for the game but added in a few home brew rules.

I went whole hog and bought a plethora of beasties to hunt and to be hunted by.

The following picture is a work in progress from back then

The whole lot is by Magister Millitum apart from the mammoths from Pendraken, with the calves being the original 6mm Mammoth from Irregular, not to forget the big chappy in the trees…

He is a 54mm scale gorilla from my ancient Britain’s zoo….

The Magister miniatures are lovely. I have both the cavemen (still not finished) and the Eskimo bows and spears.

A great little game, the kids and I will have to have another game this weekend.

The rearing Mammoth was converted from the standard on, he was based on the Mammoth from the film 40000 years BC or whatever it is called.

Forgotten Forces Friday

Another Week, another box…almost a song from Evita….

Well as my ‘What a Tanker’ rules arrived I thought I would seek out some tanks, I decided not to bother with the 6mm stuff and hunted for the 15’s

An ambush about to be sprung… I reckon the fleeing women should give a clue 😉. One day I may finish the houses…..

These were done for skirmish gaming hence the individual basing on the infantry.

Then onto the unpainted!

I am still in a dither about what size to go. Never mind the period.

Roughly a 15mm Tank costs £6 plus, 10mm tanks cost roughly half that. I could start with these and see how I get on, it would give me 3 tanks a side, but no options for changing tanks as the campaign progresses. The cheapest and quickest option is to go down this route…

I could have as many as a I want then, but it doesn’t feel or look the same.

Big thinks are now being Thunk…

Forgotten Forces Friday

It’s that day again, which quite frankly is a bugger because it means I am back to work on Monday….but to be honest I mustn’t grumble as at least I had time off over the holiday period and nothing happened when I was on call either…

Anyway today we travel to the hot dusty lands of Libya and members of the DAK…

These ancient chappies must be twenty years old at least. They were from my days of playing Rapid Fire and from what I remember there is a company strength’s worth in the box. As can be seen I never got round to finishing them off. The paint job is pretty naff too. Desert Yellow with a chestnut wash. Somewhere I have a 75mm infantry gun and 50mm AT gun too.

From what I remember these are Britannia miniatures purchased at the York Show in the Merchant Venturers guild. I also purchased an American Air-landing Brigade of two para and one glider force. These were sold to a mate up here, who has since moved away (I kind of reckon I left the DAK artillery in the box with them).

These are another of the ‘what the heck do I do with them’ boxes. No one up here does 20mm Desert action. Some do Bolt Action but in 28mm in the European theatre, others do the desert but in 15mm.

Part of me wants to strip them and paint them up again, but with the backlog of stuff to do and nothing to fight against, apart from the three LRDG chappies then it would mean extra expense to rekindle the campaign.

I wonder what next Friday will throw up….. so many boxes, so few Friday’s