Well tonight the temperature is minus something silly again, it was -8 degrees this morning so instead of heading out to the shed in the snow I had a mooch about in the house.


These were painted about 3 years ago and were for my Mammoth hunting game I ran at one of our conventions.

I used Tusk as the basis for the game but added in a few home brew rules.

I went whole hog and bought a plethora of beasties to hunt and to be hunted by.

The following picture is a work in progress from back then

The whole lot is by Magister Millitum apart from the mammoths from Pendraken, with the calves being the original 6mm Mammoth from Irregular, not to forget the big chappy in the trees…

He is a 54mm scale gorilla from my ancient Britain’s zoo….

The Magister miniatures are lovely. I have both the cavemen (still not finished) and the Eskimo bows and spears.

A great little game, the kids and I will have to have another game this weekend.

The rearing Mammoth was converted from the standard on, he was based on the Mammoth from the film 40000 years BC or whatever it is called.

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