This triple F is one with a bit of a difference. Normally I have a mooch about in the shed to see what has been languishing in boxes for the last few years. This is different in that these were in the house and errrr different in that I forgot I had bought them.

So sitting on the shelf by my bedroom door was this box…

Hmm says I, whatever is in this box,? So I opened it….

That’s a bit weird says I, let’s get everything out…..

And in the bubble wrap was the following…

These arrived somewhere around 20th January and I actually took 2 out to act as models to show the size of things I was printing.

The models are the Elite light infantry of the emperor Mordred. As can be seen, they are a basic paint job, and by that comment I mean no disrespect to the painter. I was there once too when I sold mine…. but for £11.40 I am not going to complain.

I have just had a really weird thought. Wouldn’t it be funny if these were mine that I sold in a bring and buy around 20 years ago 😱.

I will have a mess about to add some shading and highlighting to see what I can do to improve them. I will also fling some base ready flock onto the bases too. The white looks quite shiny so I am hoping they aren’t painted in enamels…

The question is though, what should I do with them?

I bought them on a whim as they had a low starting bid, I had checked with friends and associates to see whether they were bidding on them too. It wouldn’t be the first time we have bid against each other 🤣. I put on a low bid on as most Flintloque stuff goes mad or doesn’t sell at all. It turns out there were only two of us bidding on them and they gave up before me.

Foolishly I have just gone and had a look… there are a pile of boxed sets up that I used to own and really liked…oh woe is me… But I shall be strong and will resist.

They are on for £17 buy now… but with 9 days to go….luckily my new laptop is with me and I have some nice statues to print off. That may divert my attention long enough!

Here are the two models, before they were reunited with their platoon…

3 thoughts on “Friday’s Forgotten Forces

  1. Well, a good find! Not sure I understand the issue about the white being shiny and maybe enamel though (unless you mean it’s gloss)? I use acrylics and enamels, since I’ve found strengths and weaknesses in both.


    1. I wanted to put a wash on and thought it would cause problems putting acrylics over enamels, but maybe I am wrong. I once sprayed a whole army in an oil based paint and then tried to paint them in acrylics… it was a nightmare. That was 25 years ago so maybe things have improved since then.


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