Well the title should really say ‘Forgotten Fauna Friday’

First up…Some Iron Age pigs and Mouflon sheep

Next…Some highland cattle and a gaggle of Geese.

All of the above are from https://warbases.co.uk

One day I may even finish them!

The other thing (amongst many others) was the reason the blog is so named…

‘Over yonder lies the quaint town of Bogenwald… Bogenhelm on the other hand is frankly pants!”

An honorary mention should also go to the 10mm elves…


these were more ignored than forgotten.

3 thoughts on “Forgotten Forces Friday

    1. Well I hope so 🤞I made a few signs for Flintloque and photographed the first miniatures against a backdrop with a wall I hade made out of foam . The name came from the sign. I made the names up, but strangely enough I found one of the plastic terrain items from GW and the sign pointed to BogenWald…weird or what!

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