It’s that day again, which quite frankly is a bugger because it means I am back to work on Monday….but to be honest I mustn’t grumble as at least I had time off over the holiday period and nothing happened when I was on call either…

Anyway today we travel to the hot dusty lands of Libya and members of the DAK…

These ancient chappies must be twenty years old at least. They were from my days of playing Rapid Fire and from what I remember there is a company strength’s worth in the box. As can be seen I never got round to finishing them off. The paint job is pretty naff too. Desert Yellow with a chestnut wash. Somewhere I have a 75mm infantry gun and 50mm AT gun too.

From what I remember these are Britannia miniatures purchased at the York Show in the Merchant Venturers guild. I also purchased an American Air-landing Brigade of two para and one glider force. These were sold to a mate up here, who has since moved away (I kind of reckon I left the DAK artillery in the box with them).

These are another of the ‘what the heck do I do with them’ boxes. No one up here does 20mm Desert action. Some do Bolt Action but in 28mm in the European theatre, others do the desert but in 15mm.

Part of me wants to strip them and paint them up again, but with the backlog of stuff to do and nothing to fight against, apart from the three LRDG chappies then it would mean extra expense to rekindle the campaign.

I wonder what next Friday will throw up….. so many boxes, so few Friday’s

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