Another Friday and another box in the shed…

This time we have Goblins and Thorin Oakenshield and party from the GW Hobbit game.

These were bought to add some cannon fodder for Dragon Rampant

There is the full compliment of heroes and pretty much all of the goblins apart from the one on the sling.

The figures are nice and pretty much accurately portray the characters. It really is a great pity that the films were so crap.Goblins certainly improved genetically in the Misty Mountains from the hobbit to the LOTR.

The dwarves have shrunk in size over the 60years too…😂

I don’t know what to do with these as they have been sat there for so many years they are no longer required. I will see if anyone wants them up here and if not they will probably end up on EBay

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