Well it’s another FFF day.

This time this will tie in with the neglected models in February’s Community Challenge. This lot are a Pendraken Warband Army pack. I chose Wood Elves as I like Wood Elves.

There are about 125 infantry, 12 cavalry and a command group as well as a group of mages. I decided that I wouldn’t use them for Warband, but would base them up for HOTT or something similar this will match in with my other Forces.

They are nice miniatures, as can be seen from the mages and their pet squirrel below.

So my plan, if I leave the 3D printer alone for long enough, is to get as many of these based and painted as possible by the end of February.

I also evidently got a command group for my Barbarians so I can add those to my list too.

I only hope I have enough of the smaller base sizes!

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