Another Week, another box…almost a song from Evita….

Well as my ‘What a Tanker’ rules arrived I thought I would seek out some tanks, I decided not to bother with the 6mm stuff and hunted for the 15’s

An ambush about to be sprung… I reckon the fleeing women should give a clue 😉. One day I may finish the houses…..

These were done for skirmish gaming hence the individual basing on the infantry.

Then onto the unpainted!

I am still in a dither about what size to go. Never mind the period.

Roughly a 15mm Tank costs £6 plus, 10mm tanks cost roughly half that. I could start with these and see how I get on, it would give me 3 tanks a side, but no options for changing tanks as the campaign progresses. The cheapest and quickest option is to go down this route…

I could have as many as a I want then, but it doesn’t feel or look the same.

Big thinks are now being Thunk…

6 thoughts on “Forgotten Forces Friday

  1. I’d start with the 15s. You’ve got them there already, after all. Get ’em painted. Then after that and a few games decide if you want to continue in that scale or go down. Worst outcome is that you end up with those 15mm tanks and vehicles painted!

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