Well today was our first games day of two and quite a lot of us couldn’t make it for one reason or another so Sean and I had a quick game of Dragon Rampant…

Here are my undead forces in their nice movement trays.

Anyway I moved mine off the table and as it would be a faff to take Sean’s off and put mine on then we went with his. His undead forces were 34 points and my borrowed living came in at 32 points. I was holding a defensive line so most of the initial turns were his. This changed when he got in range of my crossbows. They fairly disrupted his left flank wiping out two units. The elves in the graveyard were less effective. They quite often failed their activation rolls and needed to wound on 5+ I threw an awful lot of 1,2,3 and 4’s.

Sadly he brought up his cavalry and I was forced to engage with my own…

This cavalry melee took most of the game with each of us pushing the other back, but never doing enough to remove a casualty. As this was going on my foot knights took on his command unit who had crossed the table.

His right flank pretty much crawled across the table as it was there that most failed activations took place.

I was beset by cavalry in my centre, a command unit on my right and a large force centre left. I did manage to hold the cavalry off, losing a miniature. I really thought that all was over when suddenly my dice rolls changed and over three turns had totally destroyed the cavalry. My spears wiped out the horde to their front and somehow my foot knights, now down to two miniatures, held on.

In the end the undead lost half of their units and a narrow victory was claimed by the forces of good,

Here they are arrayed for their victory march past….

It was actually a really tense game as I had to overcome a modified roll to attack the undead… quite a few times I failed. Thankfully the scary bit only happened when you were trying to get up close and personal… shooting was not affected!

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