This evening I decided that I needed the bottom shed sorting out. This is for two reasons… firstly it is an absolute tip and secondly I want to remove the miniatures out of the big shed to avoid the white mould Armageddon from last winter.

Mid tidy… most of the stuff on the floor is to get rid of.

On the up side I have found loads of things that I have forgotten about…

15mm FIW French and Allies

On the down side I have found a load of things I have forgotten about and now want to do something with them…

15mm British and Sudanese

I found boxes of things like the FIW above along with another smaller box full of unpainted woodland Indians and militiamen. The Colonial stuff above was for Science Versus Pluck to simulate an officer getting attacked by the Ansar. I mean will I actually ever, ever use them. These were from about 2014 at the very latest. We played one test game at the club then with one thing and another I never really got back to play it again.

I have Advanced Heroquest and other such miniatures in a box file. A pile of boxed Prodos Aliens miniatures. All in all far too much stuff. If I lived South I would take a mountain of things to a bring and buy at a convention.

Living up here I have really only the option for eBay of Facebook sales groups.

Anyway I shall carry on with the shed tomorrow round the Parent Council meeting at 19.00.

7 thoughts on “Proactive Tidying

      1. We liked it a lot and played the hell out of it in the 90s. It has a lot of tables and randomness and the survivability can be quite low, but it was a 90s GW game!


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