This evening my plan was to paint a couple of things. One in Contrast and One in Speedpaints. I managed to get the Contrast mini nearly done…

Please note although I mentioned Italian Wars in the title, I still haven’t found any literary mention of ogre Doppelsoldners, nor any visual evidence either. He is therefore unlikely to have taken part.

He took a lot longer than I expected, but I am quite pleased with how he looks so far.

He is one of six I printed last year…

I will do one in Speedpaints tomorrow evening, well that is the plan anyway.

Funnily enough after saying it was weird that nobody had mentioned the reactivation of the Speedpaints, I am beginning to notice it appearing more. Part of me wonders that these are the People who bought their own?

4 thoughts on “Italian Wars – Heavy Support

  1. Nice work on those ogres!

    I expect you are right on the Speed Paints, given the general lack of mentioning this from previews and early reviews, I think more people will likely be posting photos of their reactivated painted and asking if it’s happened to anyone else.

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  2. Nice looking Swiss Ogre! 😄
    I think you’re right on the money with the reactivation being more talked about as more consumers get the paints in hand. Clearly most of the YouTube influencers have finished their coverage at this point! 😶

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