So this is day four of playing with both Contrast and Speedpaints. Today I set about painting the two 28mm pikemen. I chose similar colours from each range. I have to admit I did cock up with the black on the shoes and garters. I got a bit carried away with the Contrast paint and did both before I realised.

So here are the two of them from all four sides.

Interestingly one of the paints ran vertically up the slashes in the sleeves. This led to a colour shift with the blue. This isn’t really an issue with these as I wanted contrasting colours. if I hadn’t then I would have been a bit miffed.

One of them is displaying the coffee staining as described in the article shared earlier today.

I will leave it to you all to work out which is which😉

The question I am left with is of the hundreds of YouTubers that received a free set of Speedpaints, then why is it only a very small minority that have mentioned the reactivation. I know of one… that is not to say there aren’t others out there. The cynical side of me thinks that Kicking GW will get more views than saying something more measured. The Headline…

I have Binned my Contrast for Speedpaints

Will probably get more views than

Contrast or Speedpaints… you decide.

GW and AP fanboys will arrive to stick up for their respective company thus doubling the amount of hits.

I will have to play further with these, but I wanted to paint the dagger sheath green. I wasted a fair old bit from the bottle.

I will paint another couple of comparison miniatures, maybe something with a lot of armour to see what happen when metallic paint goes over them both. I know what happens with the Contrast Paint but not really with the Speedpaints.

12 thoughts on “Speed Paints…Big People

  1. I also find it odd that none of the early reviewers noticed/saw fit to mention this. Is it possible they just have incredibly steady hands, never needed to fix any slips, and made no attempt to paint over one speed paint colour with another? Seems… unlikely.

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  2. I’m guessing the one on the right is the Speed paints, due the small amount of visiable “bleeding” on the yellow part of his sleeve, which is a shame in a way as I actually prefer the colour and effect of the blue on that figure. (of course I could be wrong 😉).

    Cheers Roger.

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