This evening I am technically, what the Germans call, Kerfucktenbuggered. I did however manage to splash some paint on another Ogre.

This one is being done with Speedpaints… so although I was trying to be really super careful, I did do a couple of errors and once again had the paint bleed up and along the cloth lines. To be fair it was the yellow that did this. So to ease things a bit I clashed a dark green over the next panels across and this hid the yellow…

Now if you look at the photo above the bow on the left leg has been covered in blue, with a couple of dots on the right. The yellow bleed onto the armour is visible. As a quick test I mixed the yellow and green together and made the light green on the tunic and sleeve. What is not visible is the bone colour between the legs, this got onto the garter too.

So Oli over on Roger’s Rantingsfromunder asked if I had tried giving the paint a blast with hairdryer… so this evening I did.

I wasn’t sure for how long, but it did cause severe heat in my fingers, just as I went to turn the dryer off the model shot across the table and onto the floor. Leading to a snapped halberd head… hence the greenstuff dish on the model.

Anyway the results after 30 minutes are as follows…

No bleed on the blue, there are some funny looking bits but these could be down to sloppy brushwork or I missed a bit on the second coat of white… but definite bleed on the yellow, green and bone colour. So once again I am sitting on the fence. I will see what happens tomorrow evening.

3 thoughts on “Speedpaints Again

  1. I like your thoughtful analysis, but I was under the impression that both Speed and Contrast and other such paints were meant to be doused with reckless abandonment, then pick out the bits tie want a different color? The other thing I’ve seen done with these types of paints is to have two or three or more colors on and blend them into a gradient.

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