Hmm… so this evening I did a little experiment… yesterday I painted the flag on the unit red. Today I undercoated it white as if I was going to repaint it another colour….

It looked white when I left it, but came back to this… so I gave it another couple of coats and came back to a pink flag

Apologies for the naff photo

It would seem like the rumours are true that the speedpaints are reactivated when something goes over the top of them. Now I might have been unlucky and something weird happened but that red was put in 24 hours prior.

So if I put the flag aside and go down my usual routine of slap the paint on and then shove some white on for hands and face…

It isn’t the best photo, but look at the face of the yellow and green chap in the foreground, it does seem to have a bit of a yellow tint to it. Sadly this is repeated on a number of the miniatures. Now my way of painting these is not the neatest and I will be the first to admit it, but mistakes happen. Contrast paint had colour matched undercoat in case one dropped a clanger and got paint where you shouldn’t.

I am actually disappointed with this aspect as it could be a game changer for me at least.

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