Well as you might know I do like a bit of online gaming, and indeed sometimes I do get a bit miffed as tactics seem to be something that  aren’t considered. I mean who drives a tank into a built up area without infantry support. Come to think of it an M8 armoured car survived three hits from my Tiger, so did various Shermans.

Secondly, I had a look on Facebook to see what gaming videos were there and I was a bit surprised to see scantily clad young ladies ‘playing’ games. One if them actually had a controller in her hand 🤣. I mean I am not a prude by any way or means. But it was a bit pathetic at the amount of blokes commenting and sending tips. I mean for the young lady in question she is making a fortune and as such is very enterprising. But do the blokes honestly think that they are in with a chance. In a way it was actually quite depressing watching fellow bloke make a complete arse of themselves.

6 thoughts on “Having a Rant…Sort of…

  1. Ha ha, my son has told me about these scantily clad girl gamers, apparently the collective term is “”Booby Streamers”, never seen them myself mainly as video games leave me cold (always have since I was a child in fact), I remember when “Online Gaming” was standing on a bridge trying to guess what colour the next steam train would be! 👴

    Cheers Roger.


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