Today we moved things around in the lounge, my painting station changed walls, not to mention getting a bit of a tidy up in the process.

With a family film and other bits and bobs then I never got any painting done. I did order myself a paint rack to go on the top of the station. I am storing the Army Painter inside at the minute and it is taking up a lot of room inside. I went for a rack that will only hold 24 bottles but that will be enough for my mettalics and washes and the odd other bottle.

I still have the MDF boxes to make to sit on the lower shelves, this is more to make it look  tidy than for necessity. It also stops the kittens trashing whatever is on there.

I did have to do a bit of rehashing to make the desk light sit nearby to allow the lid to close without having to remove the light each time. Unfortunately the light has a clamp base that means it can only sit on a horizontal surface.

I have also started thinking about consolidating what I have. Actually getting a good old piece if cash for Christmas made me get all excited about a new project here or there, but then I sat and thought about everything I have sitting around already in either a physical sense or else in an electronic form. Or in some cases still to be downloaded or arrive in the post.

My Starship Troopers stuff has already got a buyer in the new year. I bought it three years ago and it us still sitting there as grey plastic…some of the boxes still have cellophane on.

As you can see I am trying to be a bit of a grown up, let’s see how long it lasts.

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