Tonight winter arrives with a vengeance and with the big car having a flat tyre and the little car waiting to be picked up from the garage then I had to drive the hire car into town, drop it off, walk across town in the driving snow and pick up the repaired car. I just about made it to do the horse as the roads were getting , and to quote me, “a bloody nighmare”.I then had to go back to town to pick up my eldestfrom Drama, who kindly volunteered to leave early so we could get back. The 15 minute journey took at least twice that…

The joys of un gritted roads In a blizzard. At one point I missed my exit as the snow was that bad I couldn’t see it. The police have issued a don’t drive request until 10.00 tomorrow.

Anyway I couldn’t really be bothered to paint anything tonight, but I did did get these beauties off the build plate…

The Kelenken are to make a diorama, but jus thad to have a smilodon and dinocrocuta wearing armour… I am too excited by this! Must think 6mm Italian wars!

9 thoughts on “Off the Printer… Again

  1. I love the figures you are able to print with that resin printer! Makes me wish I was more of a figure painter! And those roads do not look like fun at all! Stay home, stay warm and stay safe!


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