I managed to crank my butt into gear and get some painting done this evening…

The jinetes are nearly done, they would have been finished, but some knacker decided to paint the bases, so that stopped me doing the final bits and pieces like weapons, spears and flesh.

I painted the horses for the Reiters, I went for two styles, dark bay and light bay to try and separate the two units, I was going to do two flag colours too. Luckily I didn’t as I just remembered now, whilst looking at the photo, in these rules the Reiters are in sixes and not threes like all the other cavalry. They should be easy enough to paint as they normally wore blackened armour.. easy peasy…

7 thoughts on “Jinetes Almost Done

  1. I was telling Fi about the electricity problem, and she said it was probably because of your isolation you have to be able to fix a multiple of problems like farmers over here!

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    1. There are a few options, damp in a junction box, or a cable has come adrift. A faulty plug face/light fitting or a nail has pierceda cable and touched a wire due to the strong winds moving things about a bit.

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