Well this evening I did a but more digging and have narrowed down  the electricity problem to the conservatory.   It looks like one side of it has the fault…typically it is the side where I am going to have to remove walls and the ceiling.  But at least it is narrowed down a bit. This meant that I could light up the lounge again and in doing so light up my painting Space.

So here are the finished arqubusiers..

As with all of the bases so far, I still have to paint the edges. I haven’t decided on a colour yet, but I am thinking towards brown rather than black.

Finishing this lot means I have nine more cavalry bases to do… six Reiters and three Genitors. I also have two large wagons to do too. Once these are done I can make a start on the resin ones.

10 thoughts on “Mounted Arqubusiers

  1. Oh mate I’m glad you have found the electrical problem! Electricity is the one thing I wont try and fix! Can’t see it Can’t smell it, and I don’t know how it works so I wisely leave it to those that do!

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      1. Your probably on the money there Steve , I remember working with my dad and when had to do some
        Plumbing work on a building he was working on you knew it was going to be a bastard day with lots of swearing from the oldman😳😅😅

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      2. YeH the micro drip of doom… you just know that if you leave it then it is going g to become a bigger drip the fail altogether… my toilet water inlet comes in from the bottom… which pillock thought that one up!

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