Alive I tell you, Alive!!!

Okay maybe a bit melodramatic (or a lot), but this evening I have printed a dozen crossbowmen in two lots of six and three pole arms that wouldn’t print at all….

I deliberately spaced things out in case the extra suction in the FEP was causing problems. I have attempted the pole arms three times before this and they failed each time. This time I just put them on their own on the build plate and voila they came out fine. I have changed nothing else. All settings are the same. Right now I am trying a dwarf mounted on a ram… not like in the hobbit thankfully, but a fully armoured one. We shall see how it copes. Hopefully everything is spaced out enough for a successful print.

I got nothing painted as I have spent all evening looking for some missing 6mm Samurai cavalry. When I checked the Baccus shop it stated the army I bought should have had two units of 15 strips. I can only find one. On the up side I did find the Daimyo base with all of the necessary figures still blue tacked on.

Silly season is upon us once again… 23.56 and I can still see up the valley…this was the view at 23.30…

The iPad camera was struggling a bit

It is now going to get a bit darker every evening 🥴

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