This evening I pretty much jumped around a fair bit from 6mm to 28 to tiles. But I got some decisions made and actually made progress.

First up, while hunting for some MDF bases I ate across a nice square base in hardboard that I had cut for a large Arabic tent for my 10mm Arabs, but it has now changed continents from Africa to Asia and will the base for my Samurai General.

As you can see, everything is merely blue tacked down to try it out. There are still four samurai guards to add to this. This will be for the main Daimyo. In game terms I will do up a standard size base to denote the same character in the fight.

The next thing I did was to get some spray paint onto the Hexon tiles….

There are still a whole load more in the box under the back lot. I will get these sprayed over the weekend. There are probably ninety all told, with more on the way.

Finally on the painting front…

Just the bases to do on these and then that is another half dozen finished.

I spent a good proportion of this evening looking for my 6mm cardboard ships as I wondered how big a 3D printed one was going to have to be, Lo and Behold I couldn’t find the bloody things anywhere! I got a pile printed onto card, but only ever made a couple of triremes (I think). they are from the Roman Seas range from Hotz Stuff.. I got mine from RPG now…

13 thoughts on “An Eclectic Mix

  1. Ho ho! My good friend, that is a fine collection of eclectic miniatures and terrain! I will confess that I quickly looked at the title and thought it said “electric mix”, and was looking forward to some fancy Shetland foods!

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    1. It auto corrected to electric the first time around… ooh if you want fancy Shetland food, we have the Reestit Mutton soup… a rare delicacy now… basically you get a pan of water and place a potato in the bottom and keep adding salt until the potato floats. You then remove the potato and add the mutton. You leave it for a good while, then hang it up and it keeps for ages… you then make soup out of it, by first washing it Half a dozen times to remove the salt…

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      1. Ha! That sounds like when I try to describe “scrapple” to folks who are not from Pennsylvania! Basically every bit left over AFTER butchering the pig, except the squeal, made into a ceaseless sausage, fried up and served with eggs and toast!
        Thanks for the smile, my friend, they are really the glue that holds us all together these days! Hope you’re feeling better too!

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  2. Guru from the temple here.

    “Eclectic” a term that I use a lot about myself.

    The Minister for War and Leader of the Opposition, on the other hand, calls it “the attention span of a gnat”. Especially when it comes to the gardening!!!

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