This evening I couldn’t get access to the table to do any painting as my offspring were sorting out some things that they have sold. So I used time to get some hexes sliced in Cura. I have broken them down in to one and two tiles at a time. This is two fold, it gives me more chance to get things done in an evening 3 hours instead of 8 and also if the printer plays silly buggers then I haven’t lost as much filament.

I have gone for roads and hills, with rivers and woods. The woods are in singles and the others are in pairs.

The darker coloured ones are the ones from last night. 8 hours 48 minutes and voila, six useable tiles. They are the plains tiles.

Right now I am printing a wooded hex.

I Have added these boats for Eloth as he was asking for a better view of them. Grey is resin and yellow is filament.

Full size and 50%

The above resin ones were my first ever and it was in these I learned the need to properly clean the resin from the prints. To be honest though the filament although slower and less detailed is a whole lot cheaper.

I really do fancy increasing the size to 1:300 so that I can stick some 6mm Greeks on them. 😂 I need help I really, really do.

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