Tonight I cracked on whilst watching Monsters Versus Aliens. I am now within spitting distance of finishing.

It is so funny. Yesterday I hated these and today with a bit of flesh colour, some silver and a lot of black then I actually quite like them again. My next thing is the sashimono design. To save time and effort it will either be a straight line or a circle in the middle. I am probably going to go with white. Originally I was going to go with Gold, but I have now decided against it. The four mounted banners will have four similar designs, a bit like I did with the Sons of Set.

My resin has come, my UV light has come, my resin funnel has come, the one thing missing is the actual printer.

I was asked to show some WIP of the resin pouring that the kids and I did yesterday. So here we go..

On the left my son’s paper weight, then my eldest’s shot glass out of the mould and on the right one still in the mould.

Tomorrow is the last day of school in Shetland. So I will be running around like a bit of a loon to get stuff ready so that I won’t have to go in next week.

I am hoping that I can get these Samurai finished and based tomorrow evening.

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