Caravan Samurai

Yesterday and today I got on with basing some of the 6mm samurai, well actually the ashigaru (both yumi and teppo). My original plan was to plonk eight miniatures per base, however they wouldn’t really fit on the 20 x 40mm bases so in the end I glued only four on each.

Above we have the teppo armed ashigaru. I have the same number armed with the yumi. So 48 bases in total.

With the same four to a base then there will be the same number of Yari armed ashigaru.

Now interestingly enough I don’t seem to have any samurai infantry. If you remember a while a go I said I seemed to be missing some cavalry . I have rechecked and there aren’t any missing. It looks like both were in the same bag. Each one is meant to have 18 minis in and I have 36… I cannot find the three packs of foot samurai, that should be there.

Now as you know, I love my 3D printer, so I was quite excited to see these…

Lots to choose from 😉.

We had another good day today, it rained a bit so we played plenty of games. We gave Munchin Quest a go… first two monsters were a level sixteen and eighteen. Luckily for us they ignore low level Munchkins!

A Smidge on the Samurai

Tonight I managed to slap some paint on the samurai.

As I had been mooching about for the missing cavalry I did come across some of the Irregular individual miniatures. They aren’t too bad compared to the Baccus ones. It’s a real pity that the 2D6 ones are so tiny, they are really nice miniatures but don’t really compare to the others.

Today I got a parcel all the way from China… it was full of paint brushes, well around twenty of them. Now I honestly cannot remember ordering any brushes, apart from the ones from Wish about a year and a half ago. This leaves two options, first and most likely… I am a pillock and have a memory like a sieve, second is that I have received a random package of paint brushes from China.

On a totally different note, the printer seems to be hanging in there. The pole arms came out absolutely fine, so this evening I am printing a couple of ram cavalry… I am going for two at a time 🤞. Hopefully by tomorrow I should have four of them in total.

Well one day to go and the cough has started as well as the sniffles. Not a happy Bunny!

More on the Cavalry

Tonight I wrangled with the printer a bit again and got further than yesterday. One type of halberd isn’t working so I am going to redo the slicing of it to see if that helps. It seems to be failing at the lowest point so there is something wrong with the supports… anyway enough of printers. I got a bit more done on the cavalry…

I went hunting for another pack and then realised that this was actually it… it will do as Samurai Armies didn’t have huge cavalry forces. I toyed with the idea of a different colour for the cavalry, but decided against it. Therefore we have 15 minis in each colour. In case you were wondering I painted the horses in threes, then did the armour colour. I suddenly realised that one colour would have three black horses, so I changed one to the opposite colour to allow a bit of horse variation in both forces.

I also managed to get the archers done…

Now if I remember correctly then there are two packs of yari armed troops and one of teppo. These will need to be added to the sticks and then sprayed white, but I am pretty much half way to doing the whole army.

Tomorrow I hope to get some more done on these.

A Bit More Painting

Tonight I was writing more reports so didn’t have a huge amount of time to paint anything. I carried on with the Samurai…

Now to be honest I am going down and dirty with these, I am not bothering about paint splash too much…I will have to fix some missing red and blue though. Next up is to repaint flesh, spears and sashimono white.

I got the crossbowmen cured and onto some bases.

You can really see where the swords failed on the two on the right. Other than that they are really nice miniatures. I stuck them next to some of the Perry Miniatures Hundred Years’ War French crossbowmen and they are about the same size as them.

Starting on the Samurai

This evening I had some training and was meant to be writing more reports, but to be honest my head was mush so I printed some crossbows , had dinner and then decided to paint something.

As the Samurai were right in front of me – I started on them…

That is the first ninety six started. Although they are in single coloured armour I am changing hat colours to kind of add in some difference where I can. The pavaises were a nice easy paint… I wish everything was that easy!

Someone shared the following with me… I probably found it a bit too funny!

So here I am in the shed sorting out a print before bed… eight out of the nine printed… ooooh they are very nice 😍

These are straight out of the ISO wash and there are still some tiny supports on them. Unfortunately some of the swords didn’t print properly (along with the missing crossbowman). I want another four or five to make a unit of 12. I will probably pull the swordsman out and do four more crossbows.

All in all I am a very happy chappy!

Japanese Villagers

I managed to get these a bit further forward this evening…

They are nearly there, the ninja still need work, and then I can start on the rest of them including 10 Oni hounds, six ashigaru and six samurai, not to forget the skeletons, witches and some giant spiders with human heads!

Now while I was moving things around I found a problem with my seven samurai… can you spot it?

Paintbrush in Hand

Zoiks, this evening I actually managed to get something painted, well read that more as slapped some paint on things.

I also slapped some paint on the 15mm Japanese Villagers…

Still a long wY to go on these, up they are definitely getting there.

6mm Samurai Houses, Printers and ships

Tonight I decided to finish the samurai village houses, by finish I mean do the wood work, still a whole lot of things to do on them but at least it is something.

I still have the tiled roof ones to do (woodwork there too) but I will try and get them going tomorrow.

On the printer front the old resin one seems to be working again. I reformatted a completely different card and tried a new sliced file on it and away it went. So here is hoping that by tomorrow morning then I will have something on the build plate. The one thing I have noticed recently is a flexible build plate being advertised for resin printers. This would be an absolute godsend as I am sick of having to use a Stanley knife blade to get things off. The FDM has been working on more hex tiles too…

And finally Boats…or rather ancient ships. If you remember yesterday I had spent ages looking for a box of cardboard ships. Evidently I have dumped the ones I had made and put the unmade sheets into an envelope… I found them today purely by chance…

You can see from the above how munch bigger things are going to need to be to make them 1/300 scale. At least I now have a measurement to play with, and we all know that I am going to print at least one to try it out🥴… prepare for the swearing 😂.

Evidently the Northern Lights have been spotted tonight. Unfortunately the bit that fastens the camera to the tripod has disappeared. My Daughter loaned me a short stubby tripod, but it meant I needed to sit it on top of things… the highlight of the evening was me swearing as to why with a 30 second exposure with a high speed ISO I wasn’t getting anything… I tried and tried and tried again then realised that I had left the lens cap on!

Baccus with the Samurai Again

So tonight I had a mooch in the 6mm box from Baccus and decided to try some base sizes for the command set.

I have two options…

The small one looks pretty naff and overcrowded where the larger one looks more open, but a bit narrow… these really are the only sizes of MDF bases that I have available. I think I am going to have to print something to make things fit.

I will have a look to see if I can find something nocking about, but I am not holding my breath.

Now I suppose that I could miss out the honjin screens, but that really isn’t very Japanese if I do.

Kabuto on the Scrap Heap

If you heard a fell voice on the wind it was probably me explaining (very loudly, with added expletives) why I sometimes hate 3D Printing, I was swearing whilst trying to remove filament from both fans and from the heat block too.

Luckily I checked at the two hour mark rather than the six hour mark.

So if you remember, last night I said I was going for a raft to help secure the print, well one of the armour plates failed and in doing so caused an awful lot of spaghetti. This in turn either went upwards and melted on the heat block or went out and up/down to get itself twisted into both of the fans.

This what what I came in to see…

Please note this is not my printer bed…

You can really tell which one failed…

Spot the culprit!

To be honest, I am not going to waste any more time or filament on this*. This was really just so that I could wear it at a Games day while hosting a game, if I were to be truthful I was already getting a little uncomfortable about potential cultural appropriation. I have set the printer away on some more plains from the Hexon Hills Kickstarter and they are three hours in and absolutely fine.

*wasting time and filament may be reinstated when I get bored, interested or forget what an absolute b*stard this was to print 😉.