So I printed some more bits and pieces off today. I really like these…

I am printing a crossroads off just now, but this will be enough Junctions I reckon. I will probably do ten more straights and ten more curves and see how it looks then. Each piece is between three and half to four inches long.

Little does the lone samurai realise that he is being watched closely from the ruins

The ruins are rather nice and are part of the scatter terrain for this set.

11 thoughts on “Road to Nowhere II

  1. You’re a damn printing machine! I’m both disappointed and glad that you’re not close enough for me to mooch prints from you/have you show me how this all works, because I’d be buried in the damned things before I knew it!

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  2. Those roads and ruins could be great for MESBG as well. One big upside I can see to printing these is that these roads shouldn’t warp much which is a big problem when it comes to making road terrain. I’ll be looking forward to seeing these painted up!

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    1. Cheers. I am going to do about four more straights, four more gentle curves and a couple of 90 degree bends. That should give me a fair old bit to work with. Once they are all printed I will get them painted up.

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