Yep, I achieved nothing, well if you discount buying more toys…whoops. Well another Kickstarter really. It was £14.00 for a print your own board game, which I thought the kids would like.

My other two kick starters have been successfully funded. So in future look out for a pile of hex tiles and a pile of roads.

The roads cost me £9.00 and as they are STL’s then there is no postage… they are rather nice and I came across them purely by chance.

I did want to get the samurai finished today but I really, really couldn’t be arsed to get off my backside. We had dinner really late and by time I got sorted to paint anything it was already 22.00 so I decided as I was knackered that I would just totally fail at being a predator on The PS4. To be fair I did manage to get some of the fear teams down and I survived each game as the Predators. I just couldn’t get all four of them. It was really, really annoying when people rage quit after I downed them… grrrrrr

Tomorrow I am aiming to get into school early to do the paperwork on who has got Covid and who hasn’t. We found out earlier on this week that even though we don’t work on weekends we still have to put onto the spreadsheet that we don’t work on weekends… never mind. Once I am done there I am finishing at 14.00 as that is my supposed time to finish on a Friday. Then I intend to do sod all, apart form a bit of archery if possible and paint some Samurai.

My daughter found my (pretend) medal today from our Boulogne re-enactment event. Sadly the ribbon bought the journey, but the medal polished up nicely.

Here I am at Boulogne, with some of the other chaps…. I am the one on the right. I am not sure if the medal I am wearing is this one or my Polish campaign one???

Our officer George in the foreground is a descendent of the commanding general of the Polish Lancers.

Just sussed it, it is the Polish one… Two of us are wearing it and we both went to Poland… what a sad little life I lead 😂😂😂😂😂

8 thoughts on “Nothing done this Evening

  1. “We found out earlier on this week that even though we don’t work on weekends we still have to put onto the spreadsheet that we don’t work on weekends…” Ah yes, the joys of the ‘one size fits nobody’ document template!

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  2. You were certainly the only one in that picture who was properly at attention, so I’m sure that in and off itself was worth a snazzy pretend medal. At least I think so since I put a lot of stock in coming to attention properly for such pictures.

    Those roads you printed are great and I have to say that if I were looking to do terrain, given what those kind of things cost if you buy them retail, I’d have to look into the cost, etc. of a 3D printer. Eventually I’m sure selling the STL’s and not physical models is the future, that seems pretty clear.

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    1. I hadn’t printed them Ann, these were just shots I blagged from their website. You could back them and see if anyone has got a printer near you. I would do some for you but postage and taxes would be silly money.

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      1. Oh, ok, they look like they’d be a good product in any case. I remember going to a convention a few years ago and going by a booth where someone was trying to sell road terrain for crazy money.

        Thank you very much for the offer but you are right, the postage and such would be prohibitive.

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