So tonight I managed to get the archers finished. My original plan was to have them all different colours but in the end the bows, quiver and swords were all the same. Each has a red scabbard and blue quiver. I worked on the principle that the local lord would supply the weapons.

I finished the ninja too…

So I now have the horde of peasants and the archers finished.

I have nine monks on foot and three on horseback and another eighteen Ashigaru with yari. Add in a few bases of Samurai as Ronin and then I have a nice rebellious force.

The other thing I managed to do tonight was to get the hero nearly done…

Speaking of archers…

Shortly after this photo I nearly snapped my ankle. It is now strapped up and still bloody hurts!

Another exciting bit of news… I passed 4000 visitors today. So thank you to everyone who has visited. Totally blown away by that.

11 thoughts on “Peasant Archers Finished

  1. Looking good, going to be a nice little force. Do you normally do anything on the bases of that size model?
    Well done on your visitor number thats great.
    And I hope you enjoyed the archery, always fancied giving it a go but never got round to it.

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    1. Cheers, yeah I will get the bases painted brown and then add flock to them. I paint with the miniatures on the bases. It comes from doing lots of 10mm. It won’t win any prizes, but it is fast.i always mean to paint 5he bases before the figures and I always forget!

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