I managed to get some paint onto the peasant archers. Okay they are Ashigaru, but they look a bit more rag tag than ‘uniformed’ warriors as seen in the films…

Peasants and the monks…

These still need the swords, quivers, hair and sashes done. But they should be done by tomorrow night.

The next problem I have is to decide on how am I going to paint the Samurai. Do I go for the random bright colours or do I go for the film version and have various groups in the same coloured armour. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

7 thoughts on “Peasant Archers

  1. Coming on well! I quite like these figures! 🙂 With my 25mm Sengoku period army I only have a few units of samurai and they are split between brown, black and red armour mixed up in the units (I think there’s one guy in gold as well). But different units in different coloured armour makes sense, with maybe commanders and heroes in different colours. My impression of the armour is that early period armours had a lot more elaborate, coloured lacing, more tightly woven, where as by the 16th Century there was less lacing and less colour. The early styles then enjoyed something of a comeback during the relatively peaceful 17th and 18th Centuries and seem to feature often in photographs in the 1860s. But I’m a bit rusty on all this!

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    1. I don’t suppose it matters really as they are little metal men, but I want them to look good 😂problem is I have been watching too many clips on YouTube so my view is now swayed to single colour units.

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  2. Because these squads/larger groups, I would thinking keeping a consistent color pattern (while potentially tedious) would make them look best. Whether you go with bright or more natural colors is completely up to you and your taste I would say.

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