Ooh I forgot why my huge two Dragon Samurai army never got their back banners… tonight I remembered!

Their helmet rims stopped them running up the back so instead I had to angle them into bits of the body where they could have some form of connection (rather than a couple of mm where it touched the helmet). I put 22 on and it took for evvvvvvver! There is more glue on me than there is on the miniatures. But never mind, these are done (guess who forgot to get any more from Tin Soldier! So it looks like it will be pins and paper for all of the foot Samurai and Ashigaru.

Some how I believed that the amount I got would be enough. Yeah right… 30 is just about enough for the cavalry, the 15 Ashigaru are going to have to wait for theirs.

The other thing I did was to add various weapons to the peasants. As with most things the weapons wouldn’t go in the gap for their hands… superglue saw to that… eventually!

My original plan to get these glued and sprayed today fell short. I will get them sprayed tomorrow and see how I get on from there.

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