Tonight I decided to get all of the Samurai I had put onto their bases. And … because I am me, I have just ordered some more! Well there weren’t enough foot Samurai or mounted monks or…. yeah I think you get the picture!

This lot is DBA army list 127. But because I am me everything goes on 30×40 for cavalry and all infantry on 20×40 apart from the horde who use the cavalry bases. Makes buying bases in bulk a doddle 😂.

Start of the Samurai Forces

On the left we have five bases of Ashigaru archers, with a base of Ashigaru and monks in front of them. Next big block are the peasants led by a monk (well I had one figure spare). In front of them is a champion and General. Next up a set of three bases of cavalry and then three of mounted archers with a unit of Ninja next (well you just have to don’t you 😱).

I have still to add the Sashimono to everything as well as put the various improvised weapons into the hands of the peasants.

The army is from Tin Soldier. I do like the style of these. They are a little cartoony for some people but they do work for me… the Ninja are Battle Valour Games. Luckily the UK supplier is a mate of mine and he had some in stock to buy (handy when he lives on Shetland). They fit in quite well scale wise.

The other thing I did today was to print some of the funky trees. These were done at 75% and 50% of the full size. They are shown next to the unfinished full sized one from yesterday.

I am printing a full sized one again just now. It will finish after midnight which is a bit of a pain. The 75% one took just under 3 hours and the smaller one just under an hour and a half to print. I did add a raft to help get them off the bed so they would have been quicker without.

Tomorrow I will use the remainder of my white spray to get the Samurai undercoated.

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