So no painting or Harry Pottering today as my Sister in law visited. But my printer was busy…

Meeple Goblins!

As these were a success, I decided on some dungeon corridors…

Sadly, I think the printer bed has eventually given up the ghost. You can see the residue on the photo above, but the whole centre section is shot…

The pale bits are filament that won’t come off.

I reckon I will be able to print smaller bits around the edge, but the middle is a no go area. I reckon over time the plate has thinned here which is why my raft was super thin as opposed to what I am used to. The corridors have a slight bulge, they were Printed on their edge, hence the need for the raft,the bow was on the bottom. Against the raft.

I have ordered another 4. I could go for glass, but I know how these work.

I will print out my meeple orks tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

5 thoughts on “Meeples and a Broken Printer

  1. I ordered a couple of the magnetized plate tops, as mine did the same thing yours did. They worked, but they always needed base zeroing.
    I had glass on my first MP printer and it was great. Now with the Ender3, I added the glass and won’t go back. The Ender3 is so easy to adjust for the offset of the glass thickness – just move the z-stop up the column the same thickness as your plate.

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    1. I did consider a glass one, but wasn’t sure which one to get. My Ender is still stock everything. The only thing I did was print some filament guides. I have an aluminium extruded and extra springs, but they are still waiting to go on. Oh I tell a lie, I have changed the nozzle and Bowden tube.


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