So tonight we carried on with our family Harry Potterthon. Tonight was the Half Blood Prince. So I thought I might as well get Harry and Ron painted.

So that is the three friends done apart from a varnish and the bases sorted.

I also finished off the Death Eaters for my eldest.

My youngest has decided on Black Space Marines.. I showed him the Black Templars, which he liked. He has decided to have gold edging on the shoulder guards and a different coloured cross. I was about to get All ‘oh no, chapter approved’ nonsense and I thought Bollocks he could paint them pink if he wants. He is nine and he can go with whatever he fancies.

Ho loves Mec’s. It suddenly dawned on me that Tau would have given him a pile of ‘mec’ options in the Crisis suits.

Tomorrow we are onto the Deathly Hallows Part 1. Who knows what I will paint during that.

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