Sometimes the fact that my parents hung onto things for decades does have its advantages. Both have passed away now but these were kept by my father and now belong to me…

These are just some of the treasures I now have.

I have a number of other such booklets from WW2 not to mention a WW1 bayonet that was given to my father in round about 1926 to play with! It does go nicely with my WW1 Lee Enfield 😁. I was going to do First World War cavalry as a great uncle had been in the Northumberland Hussars, but my move to Shetland put pay to that. The rifle was purchased and deactivated before it became difficult to get such things.

2 thoughts on “Interesting Find

  1. Those are really great. I love to study old manuals- you can learn so much from them.

    That there is a family connection with them makes it so much better.




    1. They are great. There are three Sten ones, two dated Feb and August 1942 and the other 1944 – the latter has a Thompson added. I also have a one on the BAR and the PIAT (I think).


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