My little boy (7) was taught to finger knit by some older girls in school.

He taught me when I got home. The results are below. I think he was quite a good teacher!

In the background we can see some of the dwarves.

First up are the Krautian dwarves.

Think Napoleonic Prussians, but dwarven one’s. I have to look up the uniforms, but I think dark blue tunic with grey breeches. Black shako, gaiters and cartridge box. White equipment straps and a brown haversack.

The other three are either dwarves from the confederation of Finklestine or some form of civilian militia. I have already painted up the two ogres that came with this schilling pack.

One of them has a sword, the other two seem to be unarmed, however they both have large satchels that could contain anything.

I am still in a dither as to whether I should paint these or crack on and finish my French and Indian Wars stuff first…

We shall have to see what tomorrow brings, but as these are already on bases and the mould lines removed…🤔🤔🤔

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