I managed to work on Nursey this evening and got her finished in one sitting.

It helped that there weren’t too many complicated or fiddly bits. She was super easy to paint. Looking closely at some of the photos I could probably tidy up the Red Cross a bit more, but to be honest I am worried I will balls it up and sneeze or something and have red paint where it shouldn’t be.

Here she is reunited with the other two figures from the set.

I think this is one of my favourite sets in terms of the make up of the set and also the back story.

Rogipoos reminds me of one of my Role Playing Characters. Sir Percival Fanhard second earl of Lancaster and cousin to the King.

Percy and his friend Mr Lyle,the sugar magnate, had many escapades from the Spanish Main to Gibraltar. Another notable character was the great El Torro and his pet monkey Captain Pinch. Percy is the chap that bought the hag of Tortuga an occasional table as she didn’t have one when he tried to leave his card. The pair of them started a war between Spain and Britain over a complete and utter misunderstanding.

I still have the original character sheet, he got to 90 XP’s. The Pirates RPG was written by my good friend Wiggy Wade Williams, a very talented chap indeed.

Percy survived and had decedents. Some who have appeared in various games.

I will end with the Wisdom of El Torro

Beautiful women who are poor are to be admired from a distance, Beautiful women who are rich are to be courted. This is my Monkey, you may ignore him ……

Found in the personal papers of Percival Fanhard… dated 17 something or other…(cant read his writing) spent too long in Main… what with his constitution…. not a good combination!

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