Okay technically, the only thing that is showing is skin. My plan was to have hundreds, nay thousands to flock to the blog. If you are one of them then sorry. Well I suppose it is better than when he opened the box he needed to get help…

So I did some skin… then we played Ark. hopefully I will get some more painting done tomorrow.

I heard an interesting question the other day… discuss… ‘what happens if you put a werewolf on the moon?’

6 thoughts on “Showing Too Much Skin?

    1. Assuming he/she is wearing a suit complete with an oxygen tank and protection from solar radiation, I would like to think nothing would happen, as classic wolf-man changes on the full moon, which I read as reflected sunlight from the moon!
      Of course you could also argue that Lycanthropy is a genetic “disease” that allows the wolf-man to change at will!

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  1. Usually I paint the skin last, but I was stuck on a model the other day and had the thought of “Let’s just paint the flesh on her, and maybe the other colors will start to appear in my head!”. I haven’t gotten around to that yet, but I’m hoping the trick will work. Werewolf. Moon. Perma-Were?!

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