So, as expected, I didn’t get a huge amount done tonight.

I managed to get their legs done, once again with Gore Grunta and black, similar to the Fey.

I also opened the Shyish Purpleand decided to give the cloth a go with that. I basically was a bit messy on this as there are so many dangly bits hanging from belts etc, I thought it easier to go over everything with the same amount of paint rather than pain around every tooth and amulet (of which there are a lot). Tomorrow, when the purple is dry, I will repaint all the annoying bits white again (and repaint the hooves too) then paint whatever I think needs doing next.

The big beastie with the axe will still have red armour. No doubt this will clash horribly with the red, but somehow I can’t see the clan chief rolling its eyes and muttering loudly… “I just can’t believe he is wearing red armour with the purple kilt!” Or maybe he will and that’s how and why leadership battles occur!

Regarding today’s One Ring RPG

The fellowship managed to take down a troll in two rounds…. one character inflicting 43 hit points worth of damage alone. Okay it was an under strength troll, but still! Never have I seen so many damage success dice so often. My troll only got to roll once to hit the nasty dwarf and missed. He never got a second chance 😢.

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