Today was a busy one, lots of running about like a loon, so very little done today. I ha£ to sit as a bouncer and doorman at the kids Halloween party. I had the unusual job of not letting people out, rather than not letting them in!

The one thing I did manage was to get some paint on the fur.

I have decided to go with a black fur, it still looks naff at the minute with all the white surrounding it. Hopefully, once everything else is painted then it will look ok. If not I repaint those bits white and recolour. (Edit to post)…I just had a look at the picture of the Minis in the rules, to actually see what colour the metalwork was…lo and behold…

Black/grey fur…. possible subliminal recall, I would have sworn they were brown though.

I did think to do it Gore Grunta, but it would look a bit too much like the skin tone as I mixed it with the flesh tone to make a darker skin colour.

I will also have to have a think about metalwork colours. The obvious one is ‘gun metal’ with a silver highlight for the weapons. The picture above has black armour, but mine would end up the same as the fur. I will probably go for a dark red…possibly 🤣.

Tomorrow I am off to see my sister who has moved back to Shetland, I am also running another RPG, so I may not get much done tomorrow either.

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