It really was just a start, got in late after having to drive past the house and head off to do the horse. Came back and did a couple of batches of flapjacks (from what turned out to be a duff recipe) for my good ladies Moder Dy event tomorrow evening.

Anyway I had a look at my various contrast paint and decided that I had nothing that would act as a skin tone, therefore I did a mix of two parts guilliman flesh and one part gore grunta fur.

I was hoping to get a bit further on, but sadly not this evening.

The one useful thing I have got is a set of these covering the full Contrast range

Sadly I can’t remember where I got these from, so cannot credit the person who did all of the work… it was obviously from Someone called James!

Tomorrow it will be all of the fur, as well the legs and hooves. Looking at these miniatures, there is going to be a lot of fiddly stuff going on. All of them will more than likely give me a headache. As an example the ungor between the two larger ones is cutting his own chest and seems to have a number of healed scars. Another of them has piercings everywhere!

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