Well it is started if you class it as: ‘printed the first force in full’.

Here we have a Possessed warband. From left to right we have a Magister (leader), two mutants one with a tentacle and the other being hideous these two are your heroes. The remaining six are your rank and file. First up, four brethren- two with bows and two with hand weapons. The final two are Beastmen. One with an axe and shield and the other with a two handed weapon.

Funnily enough, the first fully printed force was the last one I planned.

Now I did cock up a bit with this force. I got to the end and realised I had forgotten to give the mutants a weapon… one ended up with a club and the other an axe. This actually bumped them over the 500 points.

These came from Vae Victus (the humans) and Duncan Shadow for the beastmen. The magister was the only one piece miniature. The rest were multipart kits.

Before printing I checked sizes with the Highland miniatures, the Vae Victus ones had their height increased to 110% and the beastmen by 130% all over. I wanted the later to be a bit more chunky.

As I type this I am printing a possessed creature. The original set had one in, but with a base cost of 90 and various mutations then it burns through a lot of start up points. It does mean though that I could have a bit of a swap about if I do fancy it in the starting line up. In Mordheim you take a panic roll if you lose 25%. As the force as it stands means I get to lose three before making that roll. If I put the big beastie in then I roll after losing two. The only person with armour is the boss. So the rest had better not get wounded.

Tomorrow I am going to finish off the Witch hunters then move onto the Sisters of Sigmar.

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