Today I carried on with printing miniatures. I did the remains of the Witch hunters . Two zealots and a pair of flagellants. As per my list I wanted the flagellants to have big smacky sticks. It was after I cured them I realised that I had chosen the wrong bodies for the said smacking sticks. So off I went to print two more bodies and a couple of torches and hand weapons to add to these armless ( or rather handless) one already printed.

The second print was a possessed beast. I Would go as far as saying that this chap will be anything but harmless. He has a big tooth filled gob and betentacled arms to boot. All in all not something you would want to meet in an alley in any form of light.

Once again these are a mix of miniatures . The two zealots are Vae Victus, the flagellants are from Erramir Orlans… my original imperial army miniatures. The possessed beastie was a freebie from Thingiverse… unfortunately I forgot to write down who designed it.

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