So if you remember I got a static grass applicator for Christmas

This evening I decided to give it a go. After a total panic that I had left all of my static grass in the Geek Club box in work, I eventually found some. I had this about six years. Ages ago I bought a couple of Serious Play boxes from EBay. Luckily the contents were still in the printer shed.

I started off testing GW 2 or 3mm static grass. I am not sure how long I have had it, but the tub of it cost £4 which would indicate a while. Anyway I tried Geek Gaming Scenics fast drying basing glue As well as Wwscenics basing glue. I am no chemist but to my eyes they are the same stuff.

I then tried Serious Play 4mm and then their 6mm. Sadly the 4mm was a single colour, the 6mil has various tones and looks good.

Test sheets

Finally I had a go at layering the different lengths. Started with the 2 mil. Dotted on glue for the 4 mil and finally went for some dots of 6mm.

Layered lengths

I am really chuffed with how well it worked. Layering is definitely the way to go… especially with the colours I have here. I forgot to try just 2 and 4mm to see how that looked. Something to try tomorrow… as well as seeing what other grass I have lying around somewhere.

Now in the past I have used the ebay cheap fly swat and plastic tub variety and have used PVA as that was what j had at the time. To be honest. I should have got one of these from the start, the results after five minutes of messing around speak for themselves. I have decided to get some new grass from WWS as well as some tuft glue and Silicone paper.

If anyone is faintly thinking about these I would go and watch the YouTube channel found Here. I found it super useful.

I also spent a fair old bit of today slicing miniatures based on my Mordheim lists.

So from my viewpoint definitely worth the purchase. If we go back to the undead army I put tufts on everything. My biggest problem was having enough of the same colours. I now have a way to make my own.

I have a list for the following groups…

Skaven, Reikland, Kislevite, dwarf treasure hunters, undead, Sisters of Sigmar, Witch Hunters and the Possessed. At the minute I can print everything above apart from the Kislevites.

These are the start of my Witch Hunter force as well as the Vampire leader of the undead.

9 thoughts on “It Works!

    1. Hiya, these tufts are really just a test, but in reality I would normally just rip them off the paper and even if they have a sticky back in them then I glue them anyway. I have a silicone mat that I might test them on and see if they come off easier.

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