To be honest, I never managed twelve hours, I got about six hours off and on as my back started to give up the ghost. So how far did I get….

So I finished off the dozen in the middle and the mage and got the next twenty four finished, apart from the white bit on the right hand banner.

I am going to carry on with the painting tomorrow and see how I get on. I got the zombies onto their bases as well as giving mr half head a new set of hair…

Still a whole load to do… a dozen wraiths, half a dozen cavalry plus a mounted Liche, the zombies and the dozen Boyar infantry too.

I then have the big Beasty to do. I got my air brush out for this one as I really didn’t fancy doing something this big with a 00 brush 😉.

I think that is everything that I have for the undead army.

8 thoughts on “Challenge Day

  1. Yeah, six hours flat out is more than I can manage. I can do a day but it also involves constant breaks and alternating between paint desk and PC time, sometimes even some short console game sessions added in to break it up..

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