Yes it is officially tye end of my 56th journey around the sun today. Time certainly has flown. I had a great day and got some awesome presents too…

The kids know I like lego, not shown are the sweeties.

I had a pretty relaxing day but to be honest the best present was that BoJo has resigned… here endeth the political segment of the post…

I did manage to get a dozen wraiths painted today

As you can see they are in two distinct styles… this gives me a but of flexibility, two units of six or one of twelve… so that is 50 miniatures up to this stage so far this week.

Tomorrow I hope to get the Boyar started, I doubt they will get finished as there are some complex armour and cloth mixtures to sort out.

16 thoughts on “Treat Day Wraiths

  1. Happy Birthday! Those wraiths are coming along really nice! I tried to guess the legos, singer lady – no clue. Trash Panda? Janice from the Muppets, which warms my heart!


  2. Happy belated birthday, mate!
    I’ll be interested in hearing how the AO brushes work out, I’ve been using makeup brushes for a few years now as compared to that rather pricey set.


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