Today I decided to sort out the problem of the undead mounts. Now if you remember with thec16th century stuff ihzd problems with the pikes snapping so to solve the problem I either mixed ordinary and flexible resin or as of late I bough in some stuff that had the flex built in…. move forward a couple of months and I purchase some undead mounts that are in awesome poses, with, in some cases only one foot on the floor as you can imagine semi flexible resin would not work so well with gravity…. so after a bit of a head scratch I came up with this plan…

Each mount is supported by a gravestone or something similar. This should hopefully help with the problem of gravity induced bending!

Joe and I had a good session paintingnthis evening and I managed to get a fair old way on with the skeleton unit…

Still a fair old bit of work to go but there is definitely less white showing now.

Tomorrow I have decided to do a twelve hour challenge. 10.00 – 22.00. I am going to see how many miniatures I can paint in that time… hopefully quite a few… well what else are holidays for but to do something foolish.

9 thoughts on “Wonky Horses and some Skeletons

  1. They look great. Next time you’re in my local area I’ll have to get you to stop by and have a look at my 3D printer. Since my first test print failed a couple of years ago, it’s been sitting there unloved and untouched….

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