Now what undead army wouldn’t emmmm be errrr seen dead without Zombies. So here are some

villagers and warriors below.

There were eight villagers and only five warriors which is a little disappointing. I double up two by flipppng one over, top right and left for the villagers. Now these are really unique poses so really only those would work.

Now something weird happened to the warrior in the middle, well apart from being run through by a spear and coming back to life. There is a better view below…

As you can see the top of his head didn’t print absolutely no clue why, perhaps a glitch in the software. Now I did forget to drew the build plate down but as you can see the crossbow man came out fine!

I think I have now got a full army for Dragon Rampant. So after I have printed some 15mm Ronin then the printer is going to have a rest for a while whilst I paint them all up.

I even got my airbrush out to give the big beastie the once over. Haven’t used it for about four years so wish me luck.

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