Today I went out into the shed to find two of the three things on the plate had failed. So after cleaning the Vat and re levelling the build plate I put a new vat in and reprinted the files and voila it worked fine. I was a bit miffed as one of them was totally over supported.

I also sliced some undead Boyar infantry and some Zombies too. With my patreon account I get 50% off so these were additional purchases. I was really good and didn’t go wild… I really could have done.

With two of us painting on Tuesday I wanted a paint pot holder. As I was in the shed I came across some empty resin bottles. The lids were a perfect size. So I cleaned them in ISO and also nuked them in the curing station. Cut some EPVC and voila two paint pot holders…

I sanded both bits to roughen up the surfaces and then used the hot glue gun to fasten them together.

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