Tonight my daughter and I worked on some different upper arm armour. We used the shoulder piece from yesterday and added some extra plates.

The extra plates were increased in size to match the original increase. We also decided to make these plates from rough leather. So using the old ball of tinfoil we roughened the top layer up a bit. In the case of EVA foam then we needed to heat it up a bit first and then when it was warm push the foil into it. Now as I write this I suddenly remembered my soldering Iron tin foil roller. This was a loose sleeve of foil over the heated end of the iron. This was then passed back and forth across the foam to make it textured.

This fits my daughter really well. A third plate would make it too long for her. I could manage a third or even fourth plate.

While I remember, this is what the vambrace looks like outside…

Tomorrow I will get the bits sprayed and then onto the painting tomorrow evening.

Regarding painting, I did manage a bit more colour on the Ork and on the cultists…

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