Tonight, I thought I would fiddle around with some colours for the armour. I wanted the leather to look a bit worn and scuffed. I didn’t exactly achieve scuffed, but I did end up with something sort of leather looking.

I will try and get a better photo tomorrow as the towel it is on is turquoise!

I also had a go at adding a curve as well as increasing the size from a pattern. I did better with the latter, than the former, but we all have to start somewhere.

I also had a bash at texturing the EVA foam. To be honest I did the same as I would with XPS, but in this case I heated the foam a bit and then attacked it with a ball of aluminium foil. Voila… rough leather…

I reckon a heat gun would assist me in my endeavours, the one I had, well technically it is a paint stripper with a temp dial, seems to have packed in.

I will get these looked at tomorrow and see what I can do, if anything to fix them.

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