Today we were sorting out a new run for the ferrets, it took a little longer than expected but we got there in the end (we hope).

So we have a couple of ferrets that are about six months old now (probably older). Now they come out a fair old bit to play with us, but we felt that it would be good if we could give them a bit more space than in their hutch so we set about building them a play area.

So here are Tonks and Luna, enjoying their new place. Luckily we decided to see what they got up to.

Firstly one of them decided that climbing was their method of escape, so climbed up the concrete wall at the back…

Queue Mission Impossible Theme….

The front of the Knox was 60cm… it is now 80 as she then climbed up the door and then proceeded to shimmy her way out.

The other one is evidently a good jumper… she just about got out of the end using the log in the first photo as a launch pad. We used and angle grinder with a cutting disk in to put a piece of Crain pipe over the edge of the wood to stop her managing to get her claws on the top and haul herself out…

Fully the last time we looked they were still in, unfortunately they decided to both cram themselves in the blue house thing and gave us heart failure as they weren’t anywhere to be seen in the house or the box.

I managed to get the first layer of brown onto the armour… hopefully it is going to work out as well as the other one. Tonight has been video research on using EVA foam.

7 thoughts on “1:1 Scale

  1. Hey man that’s so cool having Ferrets ! we had most children’s animals but alas no Ferrets ! As you might have heard TA’s cat ,that spends more time with me as she knows I’m a soft touch is Luna !!
    Watch her mate or she will have you at her beck and call for a long time!!

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